So the last few weeks have been gift making season around my craft room.  The first is a little something for a friends 50th surprise party.  I know the saying is 50 sucks but this women is vibrant, beautiful, and young at heart so I thought it was more appropriate.  Although she won't eat these, her grand kids are gonna love me!

The basket was purchased at the dollar tree along with a square piece of Styrofoam and the candy.  I used a small dowel to create the platform for the sign.  I hid it by punching a hole in the corner of the ring pop wrappers and sliding them down.  The rest is just cram until it's covered.

The next picture is a relay for life fund raiser basket.  I will apologize up front for these pictures.  It was very last minute that I decided to snap them.  I didn't even remember to take one with it all tied up looking pretty.

My concept was new home owner.  It has a paint tray, roller, painter tape, small tool kit, and Lowe's gift card.  I also made 20 change of address cards with envelopes.  For the "basket", I used a shoe box covered with paint chips.

These are really simple to make.  The houses are a Stampin' Up roller.  I added a splash of color and the tag.  All that's left to do is print address labels and stick them on.

I hope this brings in big money for my friends!
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