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I love to buy ribbon.  I have tons of it and rarely use it which is why I chose to participate in the Ribbon Technique Challenge.

Your challenge is to pick one of the ribbon techniques from below and utilize it in a project of your own.  You can re-create an exact replica of the designer's project or reinterpret it in your own way.

I thought Erin's idea was fabulous.  (No tying!!)

I'm not sure what the product is that I used.  It feels like seam binding but the label says it is for crocheting.  I saw it for cheap in the junk store and bought it up!

The clouds that are raised came from a video posted by Jessica Witty in the Card Set Challenge.

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Nadine said...

OMG Rebecca, I LOVE this! That pop of color balances the white space and sentiment perfectly! This is definitely a CAS stunner! Had to chuckle about the no tying, that's why I chose to do Erin's idea too!!

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